Grolsch – a genuine, premium European lager – is famous around the world for its distinctive flavor and unique swingtop bottle.  Adult beer drinkers want an authentic experience, and Grolsch has been dedicated to brewing some of the world’s finest beers since 1615.

IMPACT365 Models works with Grolsch in two capacities.  In 2007, IMPACT365 Models will execute approximately 120 off-premise promotions sampling Grolsch to high-end consumers who will appreciate the heritage of this brand, as well as the beer’s rich, balanced flavor and exceptional taste.  From grocery stores to specialty liquor stores, IMPACT365 Models will be influencing purchase decisions from beer consumers and swaying them to purchase Grolsch, Grolsch Light, and Grolsch Blonde.  Our second agenda will be to place Grolsch in desirable events which can educate and promote future purchase to Grolsch’s target audience.  An example of one event is below:

April 23, 2007 (CHICAGO, IL) – IMPACT365 Places Grolsch in Billionaire Boys Club - IMPACT365 has contracted with LPYP to promote Grolsch, a client of IMPACT365.  Grolsch will reach a desired audience of wealthy lifestyle individuals who are educated beer consumers.  On Friday May 4, 2007 at the Tavern Club on Michigan Avenue, Grolsch, a genuine Dutch Premium Lager which is famous around the world for its distinctive flavor and packaging will showcase and sample at this VIP event that will feature the “Best of the Best Experience”.  Grolsch, who will be the exclusive beer, will directly reach over 400 individuals whom will experience the quality and taste of an authentic European beer with over 400 years of history.  IMPACT365 will highlight Grolsch’s “swingtop” through an interactive display along with IMPACT365 models interacting 1-on-1 with event attendees.