Starting September 2006, Jekyll & Hyde partnered with IMPACT365 to promote their product on-premise in multiple markets nationwide including Miami, Chicago, LA and NY. Two “A” level models attend each promotion dressed in sexy school girl vs. dominatrix costumes and promote the distinct flavors within the layered shot.   Jekyll & Hyde is a new two layered shot where the black half of this phenomenon kicks off with a spicy burn and the berry-red bottom half finishes off each shot, creating quite a flavorful case of dual personality. There are many ways to utilize Jekyll & Hyde as a mixer and some “creative” and popular drinks include Brain Hemorrhage, Crazy Hazel, Jekyll Doughnut, Blood Thinner, Mary Reilly, Scurvy Buster, London Fire, Two Faced Freak, Evil Italian, Liquid Nightmare, and Brain Freeze. IMPACT365 is responsible for ensuring trendsetters sample the product and top on-premise accounts support the product.